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Rampakakis E, Ste-Marie PA, Sampalis JS, et al. Real-life assessment of the validity of patient global impression of change in fibromyalgia. RMD Open 2015;1:e000146. Several errors were identified following publication of this article as follows:

In the second bullet point following the heading ‘What does this study add?’ and also in the last sentence of the Results section in the Abstract ‘significant’ should be ‘potential’.

In the Results section on page 4 the sentence ‘Longer duration of follow-up was also identified as an important predictor of lower patient…’ should read ‘Longer duration of follow-up was also identified as a potential predictor (borderline non-statistically significant association with body map) of lower patient…’

In table 3, all ‘<’ signs in the first three columns should be replaced with the ‘−’ sign.

On page 6, second paragraph the first sentence should read: ‘In addition to baseline disease severity, duration of follow-up was also found to show a statistical trend, in its association with PGIC; patients followed up for longer periods rated their disease as having lesser improvement, compared to patients with shorter follow-up experiencing similar changes in disease severity measures’.

In the last sentence of the paper the term ‘independent’ should be ‘potential independent’