Table 3

One-year RRP in regard to the shared epitope and ACPA status

RRP+ (n)RRP+ and ACPA+ (n)RRP− (n)RRP− and ACPA+ (n)OR (95% CI)p Value (χ2)
 Shared epitope +87622051261.55 (0.88 to 2.80)NS
 Shared epitope −5125198463.18 (1.59 to 6.32)0.0003
 Shared epitope +87652051321.63 (0.91 to 3.02)NS
 Shared epitope −5124198641.86 (0.94 to 3.64)0.0496
 Shared epitope +87662051321.74 (0.96 to 3.24)NS
 Shared epitope −5127198562.85 (1.44 to 5.63)0.0009
  • ACPA, anticitrullinated peptide antibodies; AhFibA, antihuman citrullinated fibrinogen antibodies; anti-CCP2, anticyclic citrullinated peptides generation 2 antibodies; anti-MCV, antimutated citrullinated vimentine antibodies; N, number of patients; NS, not significant; p, results of χ2 test; RRP, patients with rapid radiographic progression.