Table 2

Frequency of erosions, BME, synovitis and tenosynovitis in symptom-free persons

First author, year of publicationN=healthyUni/bilateralErosions (%)BME (%)Synovitis (%)Tenosynovitis (%)
Scored without a validated method
Nakahara et al, 19961110NPNP0.00.00.0
 Lindegaard et al, 2001123Unilateral0.0NPNPNP
 Yoshioka et al, 20061313 (+PIP)Bilateral0.0NP0.00.0
 Offidani et al, 19981412 (+IP)NP0.0NP0.00.0
 Beltran et al, 1987156NP0.0NP0.00.0
Jorgensen et al, 1993164NP0.0NP0.00.0
Yanagawa et al, 19931710NPNPNP0.0NP
Østergaard et al, 1995183NPNPNP0.0NP
Tonolli-Serabian et al, 19961910Bilateral0.0NP0.0NP
 Pierre-Jerome et al, 19972042Bilateral35.7%*0.04.8Fl: 9.5
Ext: 7.1
 Valeri et al, 20012112BilateralNPNPNP0.0
Partik et al, 20022218NPNP0.044.4NP
Robertson et al, 20062330UnilateralNP13.3%NPNP
 McGonagle et al, 19992431Unilateral25.89.7NPNP
 Klarlund et al, 1999253Unilateral0.0NPNPNP
Vlychou et al, 2013265 (+PIP, DIP)Unilateral0.
Scored according to RAMRIS
Wrist+MCP (2–5)
Brown et al, 20062917UnilateralNP0.017.65.9
Ejbjerg et al, 20043028UnilateralNP0.032.1NP
 Olech et al, 20103140Bilateral65.017.542.5NP
 Parodi et al, 20063223 (+PIP)Bilateral26.08.7%NPFl: 17.4
Ext: 4.3
 Ejbjerg et al, 2005339 (+MTP)Bilateral55.6NPNPNP
 Combined data29 300/45UnilateralBME mean 0% (95% CI 0.0% to 6.8%)
 Combined data29 3012/45UnilateralSynovitis mean 26.7% (95% CI 15.8% to 41.2%)
 Cimmino et al, 20113513Bilateral30.830.80.030.8
Palosaari et al, 20093631Bilateral45.2NP60.0%NP
 Døhn et al, 2008374Unilateral25.0NPNPNP
Duer-Jensen et al, 2011†3424Unilateral45.84.581.80.0%
 Xie et al,2008‡2714
Age 25±5
Age 62±7
 Combined data35 3618/44BilateralErosions mean 40.9% (95% CI 27.7% to 55.6%)
 Combined data27 34 3736/69UnilateralErosions mean 52.2% (95% CI 40.6% to 63.5%)
 Combined data27 3410/63§UnilateralBME mean 15.9% (95% CI 8.7% to 27.0%)
MCP (2–5)
 Døhn et al, 2006384Unilateral0.0NPNPNP
 Tan et al, 20033928Unilateral32.1NPNPNP
Miese et al, 20124013 MCP 2&3UnilateralNP0.00.0NP
Duer-Jensen et al, 2011†3424Unilateral45.84.545.50.0
 Xie et al,2008‡2714
Age 25±5
Age 62±7
 Combined data27 34 38 3932/97UnilateralErosions mean 33.0% (95% CI 24.4% to 42.9%)
 Combined data27 346/63§UnilateralBME mean 9.5% (95% CI 4.1% to 19.6%)
  • 0% is noted when no erosions are found or an abnormality is described in the patient group and the healthy control group is only described as ‘no abnormalities’ with no further specification.

  • Bolt=studies in which contrast was used to score synovitis and tenosynovitis.

  • *Contradicting data in original article, with 35.7% erosions in the table and 14.3% erosions in the text.

  • †Same study.

  • ‡Same study.

  • §Duer-Jensen only assessed 22 patients for BME.

  • DIP, distal interphalangeal joint; Ext, extensor tendons; Fl, flexor tendons; IP, interphalangeal joint; MCP, metacarpophalangeal joints; MTP, metatarsophalangeal; NP,Not provided; PIP, proximal interphalangeal joint.