Table 1

Clinical characteristics of the three main studies compared in this report, showing similarities and differences observed between the two axSpA subtypes

Local cohort14National cohort15Worldwide study14
nr-axSpA (n=44)AS (n=56)nr-axSpA (n=226)AS (n=236)nr-axSpA (n=157)AS (n=178)
Mean age39.1±9.841.2±10.936.1±10.635.6±10.237.4±11.841.5±11.6
HLA-B27 pos. (%)86.489.174.482.274.881.5
Male (%)31.87642.964.048.372.5
Peripheral arthritis (%)18.217.918.214.454.453.9
Enthesitis (%)2.31.824.820.8
Uveitis (%)
Psoriasis (%)
IBD (%)
Mean BASDAI3.6±1.74.2±2.23.9±2.04.0±2.16.5±1.56.4±1.6
Mean BASFI2.4±2.13.2±2.42.5±2.13.1±2.54.9±2.35.7±2.2
Mean BASMI1.1±1.32.0±1.83.2±1.54.4±1.7
Mean CRP (mg/L)5.7±6.511.6±12.610.9±18.714.8±16.011.9 (0.1,156.2)14.3 (0.1, 174.8)
Patient's global4.0±2.74.6±2.74.9±2.55.0±2.5
NRS pain4.0±±2.55.0±2.5
Inflamed spinal lesions/patient (%)9.146.4
  • AS, ankylosing spondylitis; BASDAI, Bath AS disease activity index; BASFAI, Bath AS function index; BASMI, Bath AS mobility index; CRP, C reactive protein; HLA, human leucocyte antigen; IBD, inflammatory bowel disease; nr-axSpA, non-radiographic axial spondyloarthritides; NRS, numeric rating scale.