Table 5

Summary of adverse events

ParametersADA continued (n=106)
n (%)
ADA discontinued (n=114)
n (%)
p Value
Any AE51 (48.1)39 (34.2)0.040
SAE5 (4.7)3 (2.6)0.486
Infectious adverse event29 (27.4)17 (14.9)0.031
Serious infection4 (3.8)*1 (0.9)0.199
 Gastroenteritis1 (0.9)0NA
 Herpes zoster1 (0.9)0NA
 Pneumonia1 (0.9)1 (0.9)NA
 Acute pyelonephritis1 (0.9)0NA
 Sepsis1 (0.9)0NA
  • *One patient in the ADA continuation group reported two serious infections.

  • Statistical significance was assessed by Fisher's exact test.

  • ADA, adalimumab; AE, adverse event; NA, not applicable; SAE, serious adverse event.