Table 2

Table of evidence of studies of PsA

StudyBiologicDesignDurationNQLEAge*DD*Women (%)HLAB27+(%)Prior biologics (%)
Antoni et al4IFXRCT241000.67347.18.429.0NA0.0
Chandran et al61NAOP11400.66244.012.030.0NANA
Chimenti et al62ADA, ETNRCT22550.89348.76.551.0NA0.0
di Minno et al63IFX, ETN, ADAOP962700.88251.79.245.9NA0.0
Eder et al64IFX, ETN, ADA, GOLOP48950.75245.711.867.9NA9.6
Gladman et al66ADARCT482850.613NANANANANA
Gladman et al65ADARCT241440.90347.89.943.7NA0.0
Glintborg et al67IFX, ADA, ETNOR247460.76447.0†5.0†52.0NA0.0
Gratacos et al68IFXOP38690.85242.58.060.8NA0.0
Iannone et al69IFX, ETN, ADAORNA1350.86453.2‡10.0‡49.6NA0.0
Iervolino et al70IFX, ETN, ADAOP121360.90245.65.258.4NA0.0
Karanikolas et al71ADARCT481130.88346.37.955.723.00.0
Kavanaugh et al72IFXRCT541000.67347.18.429.0NA0.0
Kavanaugh et al73GOLRCT242920.65346.97.440.0NA0.0
Kristensen et al74IFX, ETN, ADAOP482610.70247.38.450.5NA0.0
Marotta et al75ADAOP12240.533NANANANANA
Mease et al76ADARCT121510.68348.69.843.7NA0.0
Morales-Lara et al43IFXOP48160.502NANANANANA
Ramirez et al77IFX, ETN, ADAOP241030.78249.0†12.0†47.623.30.0
Saber et al78IFX, ETN, ADAOP121520.73245.0†8.0†52.3NA0.0
Spadaro et al79ETNOPNA820.56351.89.142.6NANA
Van den Bosch et al80ADAOP124420.76247.810.650.023.314.9
Wagner et al81GOLRCT14740.80348.5NA36.0NA0.0
  • *Data are expressed in mean (years).

  • †Data are expressed in medians.

  • ‡Data were calculated in the review.

  • ADA, adalimumab; DD, disease duration; ETN, etanercept; GOL, golimumab; IFX, infliximab; LE, level of evidence; N, number of patients; NA, not available; OP, observational prospective; OR, observational retrospective; Q, quality; RCT, randomised clinical trial.