Table 1

Descriptive sample characteristics

NMinimumMaximumMeanSD95% CI of mean
Age236218456.8713.39(55.16 to 58.59)
Duration of disease (years)2360449.118.88(7.97 to 10.24)
Sex (N female/N male)236174 (73.7%)/62 (26.3%)
Rheumatoid factor
(N positive/N negative)
234180 (76.9%)/54 (23.1%)
Cyclic citrullinated peptides antibodies
(N positive/N negative)
236152 (64.4%)/84 (35.6%)
Methotrexate therapy110 
Glucocorticoid therapy93 
Biological therapy131 
Change of medication at visit
(N yes/N no)
23460 (25.6%)/174 (74.4%)
HAQ-DI (before consultation)23102.880.890.75(0.79 to 0.98)
HAQ-DI (after consultation)23003.000.880.76(0.78 to 0.98)
HAQ-DI (follow-up, total sample)20803.000.850.76(0.74 to 0.95)
HAQ-DI (follow-up, days 6–13)11102.630.690.69(0.56 to 0.82)
DAS28 (composite index)20807.613.331.54(3.12 to 3.54)
VAS pain (before consultation)213010.03.442.61(3.08 to 3.79)
VAS pain (after consultation)20909.93.272.63(2.91 to 3.63)
VAS pain (follow-up, total sample)19209.12.982.37(2.64 to 3.32)
VAS pain (follow-up, days 6–13)10409.02.552.17(2.13 to 2.97)
NRS pain (before consultation)2260103.352.49(3.03 to 3.68)
NRS pain (after consultation)228093.322.48(2.99 to 3.64)
NRS pain (follow-up, total sample)206093.242.38(2.91 to 3.57)
NRS pain (follow-up, days 6–13)110092.842.27(2.41 to 3.27)
VRS pain (before consultation)223031.500.91(1.38 to 1.62)
VRS pain (after consultation)224031.450.91(1.33 to 1.57)
VRS pain (follow-up, total sample)203041.380.90(1.25 to 1.50)
VRS pain (follow-up, days 6–13)107031.200.86(1.03 to 1.36)
  • Annotation: table 1 shows descriptive information about the characteristics of the patient sample, including number of patients with data available (N), minimum and maximum values, arithmetic mean (mean), SD and 95% CI of the arithmetic mean (95% CI of mean). For categorical variables, the size of the corresponding subgroups is presented.

  • DAS28, Disease Activity Score 28; HAQ-DI, Health Assessment Questionnaire-Disability Index; NRS, numerical rating scale; VAS, visual analogue scale; VRS, verbal rating scale.