Table 1

Number of TCZ doses, disease duration at initiation of treatment, pre-TCZ and post-TCZ CRP levels, pre and post-TCZ prednisolone dose, duration of follow-up, pre and post-TCZ ITAS scores and adverse events for each case study

CaseNumber of TCZ dosesDisease duration at initiation of TCZ (months)CRP before/after TCZPrednisolone dose before/after TCZFollow-up durationPretreatment ITAS scorePost-treatment ITAS scoreAdverse events
113 infusions of 6–8 mg/kg TCZ and 17 infusions of 4 mg/kg TCZ727/340 mg/3 mg3 years and 6 months190None
212 infusions of 8 mg/kg TCZ313/<115 mg/3 mg2 years and 6 months60None
316 infusions of 8 mg/kg TCZ0200/540 mg/20 mg3 years and 9 months40None
441 infusions of 8 mg/kg TCZ, reducing to 4 mg/kg TCZ128/115 mg/0 mg4 years and 4 months40Three episodes of transient neutropaenia
55 infusions of 8 mg/kg TCZ2013/140 mg/4 mg2 years and 6 months60Empyema
614 infusions of 8 mg/kg TCZ17226/715 mg/5 mg2 years and 6 months60None
712 infusions of 8 mg/kg TCZ1950/120 mg/0 mg2 years and 6 months60None
85 infusions of 8 mg/kg TCZ, 2 infusions of 6 mg/kg TCZ and 4 doses of 162 mg S/C TCZ615.4/112 mg/2.5 mg1 year50None
  • CRP, C reactive protein; TCZ, tocilizumab.