Table 3

Overview of the results from the qualitative analysis of the telephone interviews on participants' experiences of tRAppen presented as categories, subcategories and codes

tRAppen in generalPositiveFun to use
Motivates PA
Helps to establish healthy PA routines
Nice layout
Easy to use
Navigation easy
A great tool for people recently diagnosed with RA
Less satisfactoryLog on difficult
Screen too small on a mobile phone
Layout and navigation troublesome and difficult to understand
Does not add anything to disease management or PA behaviour
No fun, only a burden
Feasibility of featuresPeer support positiveTechnically easy to understand
Enjoy peers' postings of PA performances
Peer support less satisfactoryDifficult to understand how to use pep button
Did not find the feature to talk to one peer only
Difficult to know how to upload images
Self-monitoring positiveGoal-setting feature easy to understand and has a clear structure
Easy to register performed PA
Clear instructions on how to register PA
Self-monitoring less satisfactoryFormulating goals and plans difficult
Unclear instructions on how to formulate goals and plans
Too little interaction with goals and plans
Planning when and how to exercise difficult due to disease variations
Changing weekly PA plan troublesome
Knowing when to change PA plan unclear
Registration of PA not easy to access
Registration of PA troublesome
Definition of PA is unclear
Feedback positiveStatistics provide clear overview of performances
Feedback less satisfactoryInterpreting feedback on goal achievement difficult
Understanding statistics difficult
Features as support for PAPeer support positiveSeeing peers’ postings of PA performances motivates
Seeing peers’ postings of PA performances inspires
Seeing peers’ postings of PA performances improves self-efficacy
Sharing PA performances with peers is encouraging
Peer support less satisfactorySeeing peers’ performances is not encouraging
Does not provide support or encouragement
Self-monitoring positiveReflection on personal goals is encouraging
Registering everyday PA, not only exercise, is encouraging
Registering PA motivates performance
Self-monitoring less satisfactorySeeing personal goals is not encouraging
Registration of PA is not encouraging
Feedback positiveSeeing results of performance is encouraging
Getting feedback on goal achievement motivates, both when achieving goals or not
Ranking of peers according to PA performances is encouraging, especially during active periods
Feedback less satisfactorySeeing the statistics is not encouraging
Getting email on failed goal achievement may be discouraging
Ranking of peers according to PA performance may be discouraging
EnjoymentPeer support positiveBelonging to a heterogeneous community good
Belonging to a community gives feeling of fellowship
Reading personal comments fun
Seeing images nice
Peer support less satisfactoryNon-personal relationships
Does not provide feeling of support
Seeing peers’ postings during less active periods stressful, tearful and difficult
Seeing that peers are more active than me gives feeling of disloyalty
Seeing peers’ performances makes you exercise more than what is healthy for you
Seeing that peers are inactive is not fun
Self-monitoring positiveReflecting on personal goals and weekly plans beneficial and good
Getting reminders to make weekly plan great
Registering PA important in itself
Follow-up results great
Self-monitoring less satisfactoryWeekly PA planning stressful
Not fulfilling weekly plan makes me angry and gives feeling of defeat
Registering PA is boring
The registration becomes a mishmash
Feedback positiveWatching statistics screen is fun and nice, especially during active periods
Getting email notifications on peers’ performances is fun
Receiving instructions on how to review personal goals is helpful
Receiving feedback on goal achievement is important and good
To be high on the peer ranking list is fun and great
Feedback less satisfactoryGetting emails on goal achievement is deprecatory and unnecessary
Weekly updates too artificial and brisk
Seeing statistics is meaningless, especially during periods with less PA
Seeing peers’ ranking is frustrating and joyless if less physically active
Ideas for improvementsGeneralDevelop a web service to manage healthy living, including PA, diet and disease management
Provide information for inspiration; weekly tips
Use more colours
Provide choice to use individually or in a community
Provide option for healthcare provider to access my tRAppen data
Provide longer face-to-face introduction with all peers
Create communities according to different parameters or within already-existing communities
Provide information about tRAppen at the patient organisation and healthcare facilities
Peer supportInclude interactive meetings on the web
Include face-to-face meetings
Include a personal profile to provide more information on peers on tRAppen
Self-monitoringInclude more coaching in goal setting
Provide reminders on planned activities
Provide reminders when many days have passed since the last registration
Provide a calendar to mark the days of planned PA
Provide a menu to choose types of PA
Design simpler PA registration: only register when PA has been performed
Provide encouragements to review goals and plans
FeedbackInclude pop-up messages instead of email notifications
Provide more personalised and honest feedback
Provide easier access to the PA log
Include automatic measure of energy expenditure
Delete the ranking of peers and competition between communities
Include a handicap system for a more equal ranking
Display the relationship between performed PA and health
Additional factors important for the utilisation and experienceProject set-upInsufficient test period decreased possibility to acquaint oneself with tRAppen
Participating in introductory meeting improved interaction between peers
Personal experiences and life situationBeing accustomed to ‘new’ technology and social media enhanced use of tRAppen
Already having exercise routines decreased need for tRAppen
Already using other PA apps decreased need for tRAppen
Flares or comorbidity decreased utilisation of tRAppen
Retirement pension or sick leave increased utilisation of tRAppen
Children living at home reduced time spent utilising tRAppen
Owning a dog facilitated PA and utilisation of tRAppen
Not identifying yourself with RA makes tRAppen less valuable
  • PA, physical activity; RA, rheumatoid arthritis.