Table 1

Baseline characteristics of all 279 included patients

Total number of patients279
Age mean (±SD), years60.2±12.1
Disease duration mean (±SD), years12.7±9.1
RF positive n (%)167 (59.9%)
anti-CCP Ab. positive n (%)194 (69.5%)
Mean (±SD) baseline CRP, mg/dL (upper normal limit: <0.5)0.85±1.43
Mean (±SD) baseline HAQ0.79±0.75
Mean (±SD) baseline CDAI9.0±9.6
Mean (±SD) baseline SDAI9.8±9.5
Mean (±SD) SHS48.4±63.3
  • anti-CCP Ab, anticitrullinated peptide antibodies; CDAI, clinical disease activity index; CRP, C reactive protein; HAQ, Health Assessment Questionnaire; RF, rheumatoid factor; SDAI, simplified disease activity index; SHS, van der Heijde-Sharp-Score.