TableĀ 3

Number and percentage of instances in which each laboratory test was selected by the experts and number of instances in which each individual score was assigned by the experts to each laboratory test during web consensus procedures

Laboratory testN selected/n available (%)Number of attributions of individual scores*Sum of scores
Platelet count1635/1821 (90)67960923878316732
Ferritin1363/1580 (86)81824015393595754
Aspartate aminotransferase1247/1767 (71)301183224773002842
Fibrinogen689/1164 (59)271431691841661748
Neutrophil count707/1502 (47)742211681321122134
Lactate dehydrogenase529/1212 (44)2431041712091045
White cell count769/1847 (42)671992071281682176
D-dimer254/606 (42)1165378106490
Triglycerides429/1110 (39)0650130243677
Erythrocyte sedimentation rate555/1632 (34)13781501491651290
Haemoglobin398/1847 (22)44210195156837
  • *The score 5 was assigned to the most important laboratory test, whereas the score 1 was assigned to the least important.