TableĀ 1

Characteristics of the studies included in the meta-analysis of intra-articular injection of HA versus placebo (saline solution)

Author, yearMolecular weight of HA (kDa)Number of injections/ number of cyclesCross-linkedIndustry funding
Shichikawa, 198325NA5/1NoUnclear
Puhl, 1993269005/1NoYes
Altman, 20042710001/1NoYes
Petrella, 2006296003/1NoYes
Lundsgaard, 2008307004/1NoYes
Altman, 20092830003/1NoYes
Chevalier, 20103260001/1YesYes
Navarro-Sarabia, 2011319005/4NoYes
  • HA, hyaluronic acid; NA, not available.