Table 3

Relationship between items assessing OMERACT RA Flare domains and other measures by flare status*

 How much pain due to RA in past weekHAQ0.910.890.890.910.900.880.89
 Today's level of pain todayRADAI0.870.860.810.840.840.840.86
 Pain past week0.920.910.880.920.890.930.91
 Joint area pain severity (0–48)RADAI0.710.550.670.580.700.440.72
 Patient tender joint count (28)Patient0.620.360.570.480.580.480.61
 MD tender joint count (28)MD0.490.290.420.360.420.360.46
Physical function
 Disability score (0–3)HAQ0.760.730.680.740.700.740.74
 Physical functionRAND-12−0.65−0.62−0.58−0.59−0.64−0.61−0.68
 Daily activities in past 7 daysWPAI0.770.670.740.750.760.690.77
 Vitality (RAND-12)RAND-12−0.63−0.58−0.59−0.70−0.59−0.69−0.65
 Unusual fatigue/tiredness past week0.860.860.830.850.850.840.87
 Social functionRAND-12−0.61−0.61−0.54−0.67−0.61−0.72−0.67
 Productivity while workingWPAI0.780.730.700.770.730.710.77
 RA affecting daily activitiesWPAI0.770.700.730.760.780.810.76
 Morning Joint Stiffness ScoreRADAI0.690.510.660.570.670.580.69
  • *Spearman correlation coefficients for second visit.

  • †DAS28 scores <3.2 at second visit required an increase of 1.2 units whereas DAS≥3.2 at second visit required increase of 0.6 units to classify flare.

  • DAS, Disease Activity Score; HAQ, Health Assessment Questionnaire; OMERACT, Outcome Measures in Rheumatology Clinical Trials; RA, rheumatoid arthritis; RADAI, Rheumatoid Arthritis Disease Activity Index; RAND-12, RAND 12 Health Survey; WPAI, Work Productivity and Activity Impairment.