Table 4

The number and percentages of US grey scale and US power Doppler and MRI-positive joints at baseline as a function of the scintigraphic status at baseline

Scintigraphic negativeScintigraphic positiveORp Value
Patients with RA and pSpA
 US assessmentNormal US findingsAbnormal US findingsNormal US findingsAbnormal US findings
 US grey scale192 (90.6%)20 (9.4%)28 (37.8%)46 (62.2%)15.77<0.001
 US power Doppler207 (97.6%)5 (2.4%)33 (44.6%)41 (55.4%)51.44<0.001
Patients with axSpA
 BME per quadrant34 (70.8%)14 (29.2%)7 (21.9%)25 (78.1%)8.67<0.001
  • The OR refers to the odds of a joint being US grey scale and US power Doppler positive or MRI positive in the scintigraphic-positive as compared with the scintigraphic-negative group. For all tests, p values <0.05 are considered to indicate statistical significance.

  • axSpa, axial spondyloarthritis; pSpA, peripheral spondyloarthritis; RA, rheumatoid arthritis; SIJs, sacroiliac joints; US, ultrasound.