Table 1

Characteristics of patients with pSS and healthy controls

Characteristics (n=31)
 Age, mean (range)46.2 (25–79)
 SexFemale (n=30), male (n=1)
 Ethnicity, n (%)Caucasian (n=31, 100%)
pSS subgroupsGlandular (n=15)Extraglandular (n=16)
 Age, mean (range), ns.44.6 (29–79)47.75 (25–79)
 Dryness of the mouth (VAS 1–10)6.36
 Dryness of the eyes (VAS 1–10)6.256.15
Extraglandular manifestations:
 Leukocytoclastic vasculitis4
 Interstitial lung disease3
 Pulmonary aterial hypertension1
 Interstitial nephritis1
 Hydroxychloroquine, n (mean)2 (200 mg)6 (300 mg)
 Prednisolone, n (mean)7 (5.8 mg)1 (2 mg)
 Azathioprine, n (mean)1 (75 mg)0
 Cyclophosphamide, n (mean)3 (1 g/month)0
 No therapy, n68
 ANA titre >1/160, (mean)15 (1:1540)16 (1:1950)
 Anti-SSA positive+Anti-SSB positive48
Glandular vs extraglandular manifestation
Median, significance p<0.05, MWU
 ANA titre6401280ns. (p=0.61)
 RF IgA U/mL17100ns. (p=0.12)
 RF IgM U/mL1467ns. (p=0.5)
 Gammaglobulines, g/L9.918.14**(p=0.007)
 Haemoglobin g/dL13.213.2ns. (p=0.77)
 Leucocytes/nL5.85.3ns. (p=0.82)
 Neutrophils/nL43.7ns. (p=0.46)
 Lymphocytes/nL1.31.1ns. (p=0.45)
 Thrombocytes/nL244235ns. (p=0.74)
 C reactive protein mg/L1.61.1ns. (p=0.92)
 Complement C3, mg/L10351010ns. (p=0.8)
 Complement C4, mg/L210150ns. (p=0.08)
  • ANA, antinuclear antibody; CNS, central nervous system; egl., extraglandular; gl, glandular; MWU, Mann-Whitney U Test; ns, not significant; *p ≤0.05; **p <0.01. PNS, peripheral nervous system; pSS, primary Sjögren's syndrome; RF, rheumatoid factor; VAS, visual analogue scale.