Table 3

Univariate and multivariate logistic regression analyses of ultrasonographic-verified structural damage of the Achilles

Univariate analysesMultivariate analyses
OR95% CIp ValueOR95% CIp Value
Age (years)1.041.02 to 1.070.0011.041.02 to 1.070.001
Female gender1.090.68 to 1.740.73
Disease duration, years1.051.01 to 1.090.009
Body mass index, kg/m21.071.01 to to 1.140.02
Currently smoking1.090.58 to 2.020.80
Current use of steroids1.210.56 to 2.590.63
Current use of bDMARDs1.841.11 to to 3.120.03
CRP, mg/L1.020.99 to 1.050.31
ESR, mm/h1.010.99 to 1.030.29
Regular physical exercise1.701.06 to 2.720.031.921.16 to 3.170.01
  • bDMARD, biological disease-modifying antirheumatic drug; CRP, C reactive protein; ESR, erythrocyte sedimentation rate.