Table 3

Health-related quality of life scores for SF-12v2 dimensions and PHQ-9 depression status stratified by SS classification and symptoms among 2527 SICCA* participants

Symptomatic participants (total=2401)Asymptomatic participants (total=126)
p Value†SS
p Value†
SF-12v2, mean±SD
Physical function46.0±10.742.6±11.5<0.00152.2±8.452.6±7.20.76
Physical role functioning44.2±10.340.1±10.4<0.00151.3±9.550.4±8.20.54
Bodily pain44.5±11.339.9±11.6<0.00150.6±10.349.6±9.60.57
General health41.8±10.740.5±11.20.00444.5±10.646.8±10.40.22
Social functioning46.0±10.442.7±11.2<0.00149.9±10.349.8±8.80.95
Emotional role functioning44.6±11.342.0±11.8<0.00150.5±10.050.2±8.50.85
Mental health46.5±10.644.2±10.5<0.00152.7±9.050.3±10.60.16
Physical component measure (PCS)44.2±10.340.5±11.4<0.00149.6±8.850.2±7.60.66
Mental component measure (MCS)46.4±10.344.3±10.8<0.00151.7±9.250.3±10.60.43
PHQ-9, n (%)<0.0010.20
No depression439 (42)388 (29)55 (83)41 (68)
Mild289 (27)396 (29)7 (11)11 (18)
Moderate159 (15)276 (20)2 (3)6 (10)
Moderately severe76 (7)163 (12)0 (0)1 (2)
Severe39 (4)97 (7)2 (3)1 (2)
  • *Participants from the Sjögren’s International Collaborative Clinical Alliance registry.

  • †Kruskal-Wallis test and χ2 test used to determine the relationship between SS and non-SS participants.

  • MCS, mental component summary; PCS, physical component summary; PHQ-9, 9-Item Patient Health Questionnaire; SF-12v2, Short Form 12, version 2; SS, Sjögren’s syndrome.