Table 2

ROC area under the curve (AUC) analyses for hip and major osteoporotic fractures

Hip fracturesMajor osteoporotic fractures
AUC95% CIp ValueAUC95% CIp Value
 BMD femoral neck alone0.680.66 to 0.71<0.0090.660.63 to 0.68<0.001
 FRAX® without BMD0.72† ns0.69 to 0.74<0.0010.75†***0.73 to 0.77<0.001
 FRAX® with BMD0.75†‡** ns0.62 to 0.87<0.0010.76†‡*** ns0.74 to 0.78<0.001
 BMD femoral neck alone0.820.78 to 0.86<0.0040.800.76 to 0.84<0.001
 FRAX® without BMD0.93†***0.89 to 0.95<0.0010.81† ns0.76 to 0.85<0.001
 FRAX® with BMD0.90†‡***ns0.86 to 0.93<0.0010.85†‡* ns0.81 to 0.88<0.001
 BMD femoral neck alone0.720.61 to 0.83<0.0010.690.64 to 0.73<0.001
 FRAX® without BMD0.780.69 to 0.86<0.0010.76†***0.72 to 0.79<0.001
 FRAX® with BMD0.79†‡*** ns0.69 to 0.89<0.0010.78†‡*** ns0.74 to 0.82<0.001
  • *p<0.05.

  • **p<0.01.

  • ***p<0.001.

  • †p Value versus same site/gender BMD alone.

  • ‡p Value versus same site/gender FRAX® without BMD.

  • BMD, bone mineral density; ns, non-significant; ROC, receiver operating characteristic.