Table 3

HRs for fracture based on individual FRAX® variables excluding BMD. All variables are defined as prescribed by FRAX®

Hip fracturesMajor osteoporotic fractures
HR95% CIp ValueHR95% CIp Value
Sex (men vs women)0.800.31 to 2.080.6421.641.05 to 2.550.030
Age (years)1.131.08 to 1.18<0.0011.041.02 to 1.06<0.001
BMI (kg/m2)1.050.97 to 1.140.2040.980.94 to 1.010.206
Previous fracture(yes/no)1.440.62 to 3.330.3932.752.02 to 3.75<0.001
Parent hip fractures (yes/no)3.291.31 to 8.190.0113.512.48 to 4.98<0.001
Current smoking (yes/no)0.950.29 to 3.120.9311.320.87 to 2.010.196
Glucocorticoids (yes/no)3.331.23 to 9.060.0182.991.95 to 4.59<0.001
Rheumatoid arthritis (yes/no)1.440.38 to 5.480.5941.670.98 to 2.840.058
Secondary osteoporosis (yes/no)1.340.56 to 3.220.5141.611.17 to 2.230.004
Alcohol three or more units day (yes/no)0.820.27 to 2.480.7221.521.04 to 2.21<0.030
  • BMD, bone mineral density; BMI, body mass index.