Table 1

Overall characteristics of patients with rheumatoid arthritis by EULAR response to rituximab at week 24 (W24)

Overall population (n=115)Good/moderate responders (n=92)Non-responders (n=22)
Women, n (%)92 (80.0)73 (79.3)18 (81.8)
Age, mean±SD55.50±11.1555.47±11.3355.77±10.84
Rheumatoid arthritis duration (year), mean±SD14.06±9.2914.07±9.5514.25±8.54
Anti-CCP-positive, n (%)93 (80.9)75 (81.5)17 (77.3)
RF positive, n (%)82 (71.3)68 (73.9)13 (59.1)
Prednisone users, n (%)87 (75.7)66 (71.7)20 (90.9)
Prednisone dosage (mg/day), mean±SD7.72±2.907.64±2.908.02±2.68
DAS28-CRP, mean±SD
  At initiation5.68±0.905.76±0.875.34±0.97
 At W243.94±1.073.63±0.845.23±0.98
DAS28-CRP change at W24, mean±SD−1.74±1.14−2.13±0.87−0.11±0.55
BAFF level at RTX initiation (pg/μL), mean±SD588.34±364.51590.89±368.23475.8±50.20
  • DAS28-CRP, Disease Activity Score in 28 joints with C reactive protein; EULAR, European League Against Rheumatism; RF, rheumatoid factor; RTX, rituximab.