Table 2

Disease characteristics at 2 years

Population B
ESR, mm9.0 (5.0–16.0)
CRP, mg/L2.0 (1.0–6.0)
Joint pain VAS, mm14.0 (2.0–34)
Fatigue VAS, mm22.0 (2.0–52.0)
Morning stiffness >1 hour, n (%)105 (20.5)
Patient’s global VAS, mm14.0 (2.0–34.0)
Assessor’s global VAS, mm4.0 (1.0–12.0)
SF-36, physical components summary score45.3 (34.9–53.4)
SF-36, mental components summary score53.1 (44.4–57.7)
HAQ-DI0.13 (0.00–0.63)
28 Tender joint count0.0 (0.0–1.0)
68 Swollen joint count0.0 (0.0–1.0)
DAS282.0 (1.4–2.8)
  • Continuous data are presented as median (25th–75th percentile), counts as numbers and valid percentages. CRP, C reactive protein; DAS28, Disease Activity Score 28; ESR, erythrocyte sedimentation rate; HAQ-DI, Health Assessment Questionnaire Disability Index; population B, patients with 2-year follow-up time; SF-36, Short Form-36; VAS, visual analogue scale.