Table 2

Key studies and observations used in the design of SEAM-PsA

Study (Reference)Observation
Methotrexate in Psoriatic Arthritis (MIPA)3 Methotrexate monotherapy at 15 mg/week did not result in statistically significant improvements compared with placebo
Etanercept PsA pivotal phase 3 study6 11 Similar efficacy was demonstrated between etanercept monotherapy and combination therapy with etanercept plus methotrexate
Norwegian Disease-modifying Antirheumatic Drugs Longitudinal Observational Study (NOR-DMARD)7
Corrona registry8
Combination therapies that are efficacious in patients with RA do not provide similar efficacy in patients with PsA
  • PsA, psoriatic arthritis; RA, rheumatoid arthritis; SEAM-PsA, Study of Etanercept and Methotrexate in Combination or as Monotherapy in Subjects with Psoriatic Arthritis.