Table 1

Analysis of the main weaknesses and strengths of the EMEUNET Peer Review Mentoring Program according to the results from the survey*

Responses, n (%) (N†=163)
Main weaknesses
 Dissemination not enough49 (30)
 Few places available59 (36)
 Too strict eligibility requirements27 (17)
 Strict deadlines to meet11 (7)
 Area of interest not covered8 (5)
 Too time-consuming20 (12)
 Nothing from the above41(25)
 Other18 (11)
Main strengths
 Highly reputed senior reviewers104 (64)
 Involvement of a top journal122 (75)
 Opportunities to scientific discussions80 (49)
 Valuable learning experience109 (67)
 Opportunity to become an independent reviewer81 (50)
 Expanding the research network56 (34)
 Nothing from the above5 (3)
 Other6 (4)
  • Multiple responses were allowed.

  • *The survey was conducted among EMEUNET members, including previous mentees of the programme and potential future applicants.

  • †The number of respondents was used as the denominator to calculate each percentage.

  • EMEUNET, Emerging EULAR  (European League Against Rheumatism) Network.