Table 3

Number of children with visible vessels in the vicinity of the RC and MC joints in 116 healthy children (59 girls) aged 6–16 years, by age groups

6–7 years (n=20)8–9 years (n=23)10–11 years (n=24)12–13 years (n=18)14–16 years (n=31)TotalP value Χ2 test*
Within the radial epiphysis4391320 (17.2%)0.287
Within the triangular fat pad dorsal to the RC joint00412 7 (6.0%)0.470
Close to the RC joint0323311 (9.5%)0.589
Close to the MC joint1260312 (10.3%)0.888
  • *Linear-by-linear association.

  • MC, midcarpal; RC, radiocarpal.