(B) Observed rate of structural joint damage non-progression at Weeks 96 and 216
Observed caseWeek 0 CZP dose combined (n=273)
Time pointWeek 96Week 216
Assessed for progression, n214186
Rate of non-progression
(CFB in mTSS ≤0.5), n (%)*
180 (84.1)145 (78.0)
Rate of non-progression
(CFB in mTSS ≤0), n (%)*
157 (73.4)121 (65.1)
  • Data are shown for the Randomised Set.

  • *Percentage is based on the number of participants assessed for progression at the visit.

  • CFB, change from baseline; CZP, certolizumab pegol; LS, least squares; MMRM, mixed-effect model for repeated measures; mTSS, modified Total Sharp Score.