Table 1

Demographical data at baseline

Joints with erosions<3, nrUA≥3, rad-UAP values
Sex (f/m)37/1390/430.41
Age (years)46.2±14.156.3±13.5<0.001
Follow-up (months, mean±SD)58.4±41.949.3±34.50.16
Symptom duration (days, mean±SD)173±87180±1010.65
SJC at onset (mean±SD)3.7±2.94.0±3.00.44
TJC at onset (mean±SD)4.3±3.03.7±3.20.23
DAS-28 at onset (mean±SD)3.7±1.03.6±1.30.59
RF positive at onset (n, %, mean±SD)66.6%50.0%0.06
RF (titre, mean±SD)107.8±72.8115.3±120.80.89
ACPA positive at onset (% mean±SD)* 14.3%25.0%0.33
ACPA (U/mL, mean±SD)429.6±253.3135.4±127.50.26
ESR at onset, mm/h (mean±SD)15.9±13.320.2±19.10.55
CRP at onset, mg/L (mean±SD)8±1.112.5±4.30.02
Ratingen score at onset0.5±0.710.4±7.3<0.001
Initial treatment (MTX, SSZ, Lef, HCQ, %)74.0%, 16.0%, 8%, 10%69.1%, 11.3%, 8.2%, 7.5%
Initial MTX dose (mean±SD)12.7±9.213.7±4.90.25
Concomitant glucocorticoid treatment (%)64.0%64.7%0.92
Glucocorticoid dose (mg/day)12.5±9.211.7±8.40.64
  • *Analysed on patients with available data.

  • ACPA, anti-citrullinated peptides antibodies; CRP, C reactive protein; ESR, erythrocyte sedimentation rate; f, female; HCQ, hydroxychloroquine; Lef, leflunomide; m, male; MTX, methotrexate; RF, rheumatoid factor; SJC, swollen joint count; SSZ, sulfasalazine; TJC, tender joint count.