Table 2

Construct domains of the scales and their relation to the transition items, and floor, ceiling and reliability data (n=190)

InstrumentScaleItemsDomain/transition item contentFloor %Ceiling %CorrelationICC
SF-36Bodily pain2Pain0.50.420.72
WOMACFunction17Walking plus dressing/personal hygiene0.490.74
SF-36Physical functioning10Walking plus dressing/personal hygiene0.360.86
WOMACFactor standing/walking4Walking1.10.390.79
WOMACStiffness2Joint mobility3.70.370.55
SF-36Role physical4Household chores plus work65.
SF-36Social functioning2Social activities (performance)
SF-36Mental health5Mood/mental health1.10.310.70
SF-36General health6Health in general0.50.350.88
  • Ceiling, proportion of patients with best possible score (%) at baseline; correlation, Spearman rank correlation between the score difference (baseline to follow-up) and the transition item; floor, proportion of patients with worst possible score (%) at baseline; ICC, intraclass correlation coefficient for test–retest reliability out of the literature20 21 27; SF-36, Short Form 36; WOMAC, Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Index.