Table 4

Statistical analysis: significant differences between the periods

Parameter∆ P1 P2 P3∆ P2 P1∆ P3 P1∆ P3 P2
Patient characteristics
No of male patients
 Theoretical χ2 value5.993.843.843.84
 Test statistic13.382.1512.512.62
 P value<0.050.14<0.050.11
Age (years)
 F value8.71Group difference−0.391.541.93
 P value<0.0595% CI(−1.84 to 1.06)(0.24 to 2.84)(0.75 to 3.11)
P value0.80<0.05<0.05
No of Caucasian patients
 Theoretical χ2 value5.993.843.843.84
 Test statistic76.9015.1415.0368.96
 P value<0.05<0.05<0.05<0.05
Weight (kg)
 F value0.92Group difference−1.330.171.50
 P value0.4095% CI(−4.84 to 2.18)(−2.73 to 3.07)(−1.10 to 4.10)
P value0.650.990.37
Disease characteristics
Duration of PsA (years)
 F value7.91Group difference−1.28−1.77−0.49
 P value<0.0595% CI(−2.27 to −0.29)(−2.88 to −0.66)(−1.54 to 0.56)
P value<0.05<0.050.52
No of patients with dactylitis
 Theoretical χ2 value5.993.843.843.84
 Test statistic52.4316.990.0751.15
 P value<0.05<0.050.79<0.05
No of patients with enthesitis
 Theoretical χ2 value5.993.843.843.84
 Test statistic124.9898.79115.960.38
 P value<0.05<0.05<0.050.54
No of patients with BSA ≥3%
 Theoretical χ2 value5.993.843.843.84
 Test statistic19.896.100.8619.52
 P value<0.05<0.050.35<0.05
Disease activity
 F value11.11Group difference−2.42−1.660.76
 P value<0.0595% CI(−3.64 to −1.20)(−2.75 to −0.57)(−0.23 to 1.75)
P value<0.05<0.050.17
 F value5.56Group difference−2.79−1.131.66
 P value<0.0595% CI(−4.81 to −0.77)(−2.94 to 0.68)(0.02 to 3.30)
P value<0.050.31<0.05
CRP level (mg/L)
 F value29.04Group difference−5.00−8.89−3.89
 P value<0.0595% CI(−7.93 to −2.07)(−11.65 to −6.13)(−6.95 to −0.83)
P value<0.05<0.05<0.05
Physician's global assessment of disease activity (VAS 0–10 cm)
 F value3.25Group difference0.300.10−0.20
 P value<0.0595% CI(0.02 to 0.58)(−0.11 to 0.31)(−0.44 to 0.04)
P value<0.050.500.13
Patient's global assessment of disease activity (VAS 0–10 cm)
 F value18.51Group difference0.750.55−0.20
 P value<0.0595% CI(0.42 to 1.08)(0.31 to 0.79)(−0.49 to 0.09)
P value<0.05<0.050.23
Patient's global assessment of pain (VAS 0–10 cm)
 F value13.46Group difference0.710.35−0.36
 P value<0.0595% CI(0.39 to 1.03)(0.11 to 0.59)(−0.64 to −0.08)
P value<0.05<0.05<0.05
DAS (0–10)
 F value55.81Group difference−1.11−0.610.50
 P value<0.0595% CI(−1.39 to −0.83)(−0.87 to −0.35)(0.36 to 0.64)
P value<0.05<0.05<0.05
PASI (0–72 scale)
 F value9.38Group difference0.432.572.14
 P value<0.0595% CI(−1.48 to 2.34)(0.98 to 4.16)(0.52 to 3.76)
P value0.86<0.05<0.05
Disease effects
TSS (0–528)
 F value0.34Group difference0.862.491.63
 P value0.7195% CI(−7.30 to 9.02)(−5.08 to 10.06)(−5.31 to 8.57)
P value0.970.720.85
HAQ-DI score (0–3)
 F value17.03Group difference0.240.16−0.08
 P value<0.0595% CI(0.14 to 0.34)(0.08 to 0.24)(−0.17 to 0.01)
P value<0.05<0.050.10
Prior treatments
No of patients with prior anti-TNF therapy
 Theoretical χ2 valueNo dataNo dataNo data3.84
 Test statistic13.89
 P value<0.05
No of patients with baseline use of MTX
 Theoretical χ2 value5.993.843.843.84
 Test statistic13.7912.877.842.49
 P value<0.05<0.05<0.050.11
No of patients with baseline use of oral CS
 Theoretical χ2 value5.993.843.843.84
 Test statistic0.600.040.450.07
 P value0.740.840.50.80
No of patients with baseline use of NSAIDs
 Theoretical χ2 value5.993.843.843.84
 Test statistic6.200.304.981.89
 P value<0.050.58<0.050.17
  • BSA, body surface area; CRP, C reactive protein; CS, corticosteroid; DAS, Disease Activity Score; HAQ-DI, Health Assessment Questionnaire Disability Index; MTX, methotrexate; NSAID, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug; PASI, Psoriasis Area Severity Index; PsA, psoriatic arthritis; SJC, swollen joint count; TJC, tender joint count; TNF, tumour necrosis factor; TSS, Total Sharp Score; VAS, Visual Analogue Scale.