Table 1

Clinical characteristics in a Finnish cohort of 337 patients with non-systemic JIA

Females, n (%)209 (62.0)
Age in years, median (range)9.8 (1.9–18.0)
Disease duration in years, median (range)2 (0–7)
Categories of JIA
 Oligoarthritis, persistent, n (%)155 (46.0)
 Oligoarthritis, extended, n (%)9 (2.7)
 Polyarthritis, RF negative, n (%)124 (36.8)
 Polyarthritis, RF positive, n (%)16 (4.7)
 Enthesitis-related arthritis, n (%)12 (3.6)
 Psoriatic arthritis, n (%)9 (2.7)
 Undifferentiated arthritis, n (%)4 (1.2)
Physician’s global assessment of disease activity in cm, median (IQR)0.0 (0–1.2)
Parent/patient global assessment of well-being in cm, median (IQR)0.5 (0–2.2)
Number of joints with active arthritis, median (IQR)0 (0–1)
ESR in mm/h, median (IQR)5 (2–8)
JADAS, median (IQR)1.7 (0–4.5)
cJADAS, median (IQR)1.6 (0–4.4)
  • ESR, erythrocyte sedimentation rate; JADAS, Juvenile Arthritis Disease Activity Score; JIA, juvenile idiopathic arthritis; RF, rheumatoid factor; cJADAS, clinical JADAS.