Table 3

CCR, too low and too high classification rate (%) and average CCR of JADAS10 and cJADAS10 cut-off values proposed by Backström et al13 20 and by Consolaro et al12 17–19 for selected disease activity levels of JIA; CID according to Wallace,7 LDA and MDA as proposed by Beukelman et al10 and HDA as proposed by Backström et al13

Cut-off rangeCCR (%)Too low (%)Too high (%)
Oligoarticular disease
 Backström et al200.50.574.474.425.625.6
 Consolaro et al17
 Consolaro et al191.51.290.784.99.315.1
 Backström et al200.6–2.70.6–2.741.941.927.927.930.230.2
 Consolaro et al17 181.1–2.01.1–1.523.211.634.934.941.953.5
 Consolaro et al191.6–3.91.3–3.448.848.846.537.24.614.0
 Backström et al13 202.8–6.62.8–6.665.260.99.713.026.126.1
 Consolaro et al12 17 182.1–4.21.6–4.032.632.
 Consolaro et al194.0–16.43.5–14.371.778.328.319.60.02.2
 Backström et al13>6.6>6.675.
 Consolaro et al12 18>4.2>4.0100.087.5012.5
 Consolaro et al19>16.4>
Average CCR of all disease activity levels
 Backström et al13 2064.163.1
 Consolaro et al12 17 1860.254.1
 Consolaro et al1952.853.0
Polyarticular disease
 Backström et al200.70.765.365.334.734.7
 Consolaro et al17
 Consolaro et al192.62.490.386.19.713.9
 Backström et al200.8–3.90.8–3.963.663.612.
 Consolaro et al17 181.1–3.81.1–2.554.530.321.521.224.248.5
 Consolaro et al192.7–5.12.5–5.139.442.454.551.56.16.1
 Backström et al13 204.0–15.24.0–14.069.869.820.920.99.39.3
 Consolaro et al12 17 183.9–10.52.6–8.553.444.221.011.625.644.2
 Consolaro et al195.2–18.95.1–19.074.472.125.627.90.00.0
 Backström et al13>15.2>14.0100.0100.00.00.0
 Consolaro et al12 18>10.5>8.5100.0100.00.00.0
 Consolaro et al19>18.9>19.083.350.016.750.0
Average CCR of all disease activity levels n=154
 Backström et al13 2074.774.7
 Consolaro et al17 1871.162.7
 Consolaro et al1971.962.7
  • CCR, correct classification rate; CID, clinically inactive disease; HDA, high disease activity; JADAS, Juvenile Arthritis Disease Activity Score; JIA, juvenile idiopathic arthritis; LDA, low disease activity; MDA, moderate disease activity; cJADAS, clinical JADAS.