Table 5

Studies of low-dose aspirin (LDA) with heparin compared with LDA alone in women with history of fetal loss

ReferenceDesignComparisonPercent with explicitly fetal lossInterventionControlNumber of patients, interventionNumber of patients, controlEvents, interventionEvents, controlRelative effect (95% CI)Study quality
Live births
Muñoz-Rodriguez et al 199932Retrospective cohortIndirectNRLDA+LMWHLDA121810 (83%)14 (78%)High quality
Naru et al 201069Retrospective cohortIndirectNRLDA+LMWHLDA352935 (100%)29 (100%)High quality
Cohn et al 201070Retrospective cohortIndirectNRLDA+LMWHLDA629849 (79%)61 (62%) –High quality
Mohamed and Saad 201471Retrospective cohortIndirectNRLDA+LMWHLDA472343 (91%)15 (65%)Intermediate quality
Ruffatti et al 201472Retrospective cohortIndirectNRLDA+LMWHLDA1041681 (77.8%)11 (68.7%)High quality
 TotalIndirect260184218130RR=1.19 (1.06, 1.32) I2=88%
Cohn et al 201070Retrospective cohortIndirectNRLDA+LMWHLDA629811 (16%)38 (37%) –High quality
Mohamed and Saad 201471Retrospective cohortIndirectNRLDA+LMWHLDA47234 (9%)8 (35%)Intermediate quality
 TotalIndirect1091211546RR=0.40 (0.24, 0.67) I2=0%
Pre-term delivery
Naru et al 201069Retrospective cohortIndirectNRLDA+LMWHLDA352912 (34.3%)9 (31%)RR=1.10 (0.54 to 2.25)High quality
Naru et al 201069Retrospective cohortIndirectNRLDA+LMWHLDA352910 (28.6%)6 (20.7%)High quality
Mohamed and Saad 201471Retrospective cohortIndirectNRLDA+LMWHLDA47233 (7%)9 (39%)High quality
 TotalIndirect82521315RR=0.59 (0.32, 1.11) I2=87%
Intrauterine growth retardation
Naru et al 201069Retrospective cohortIndirectNRLDA+LMWHLDA35298 (22.8%)5 (17.2%)High quality
Mohamed and Saad 201471Retrospective cohortIndirectNRLDA+LMWHLDA47236 (12%)8 (33%)Intermediate quality
 TotalIndirect82521413RR=0.69 (0.36, 1.32) I2=70%
Maternal thrombosis
Naru et al 201069Retrospective cohortIndirectNRLDA+LMWHLDA352900RR not estimableHigh quality
  • LMWH, low molecular weight heparin;NR, not reported; RR, risk ratio.