Table 1

Multivariable regression analysis of time in remission and LDAS and quality of life as measured by the summary measures and subscales of the SF-36

SF-36Number of patientsEstimateSET valueP value
Physical Component Summary Score4569.471.865.10<0.0001
 Physical functioning47218.144.853.740.0002
 Role physical46631.796.285.06<0.0001
 Bodily pain46919.974.914.07<0.0001
 General health46923.153.955.86<0.0001
Mental Component Summary Score4565.891.963.010.0027
 Social functioning46819.034.783.98<0.0001
 Role rmotional46326.286.374.13<0.0001
 Mental health4727.513.811.970.0495
  • Possible confounders were: age, gender, racial/ethnic group, education, poverty, social support, abnormal illness behaviours, fibromyalgia, disease activity, damage and the baseline scores of the corresponding SF-36 summary measures and subscales.

  • LDAS, low disease activity state ; SF-36, Short Form-36 .