Table 3

Univariate and multivariate analysis for predictors of successful GC stopping and flares after GC withdrawal

Successful GC withdrawalORP valueCI
Disease duration1.000.870.91 to 1.128
Complete remission4.250.031.19 to 16.6
Clinical remission0.360.050.09 to 1.06
LLDAS (not remission)0.690.56011 to 3.28
SLEDAI0.700.020.52 to 0.95
Duration from last flare1.000.870.90 to 1.12
SLICC0.630.050.39 to 1.01
Multivariate analysis
 Complete remission0.400.690.004 to 38.9
 Clinical remission0.190.230.009 to 3.84
 SLICC0.590.090.32 to 1.08
 SLEDAI0.690.350.31 to 1.51
Flare after GC withdrawal
 Disease duration1.010.760.94 to 1.07
 Complete remission0.730.580.25 to 2.18
 Clinical remission0.530.290.16 to 1.79
 LLDAS (not remission)4.470.070.89 to 22.4
 SLEDAI1.430.031.03 to 1.98
 Duration from last flare0.780.030.63 to 1.96
 SLICC0.450.270.10 to 1.86
Multivariate analysis
 SLEDAI1.110.610.72 to 1.0
 Duration from last flare0.80.050.64 to 1.8
  • GC, glucocorticoid.