Table 4

Frequency of GCs-free patients in the cohorts reported in the literature

Author, yearRefStudy designPercentage of patients GC freeNote
Ponticelli, 198836Prospective50Only LN
Drenkard, 199614Prospective23
Formiga, 199933Prospective24Remission for at least 1 year
Pons-Estel, 200434Prospective20.2
Urowitz, 200532Prospective6.5Complete remission for at least 1 year
Moroni, 200617Retrospective26.6Only LN
Moroni, 201316Prospective32Only LN
Steiman, 201415Prospective2.4
Zen, 201727Prospective7.1
Petri, 201824Prospective13Of follow-up months
  • GC, glucocorticoid.