Table 1

Comorbidity screening/prevention score

ComorbidityScreening or prevention measureOptimal timingPoints in the score
CV disease screening
(50 points)
DiabetesFasting blood glucoseOnce per year15
High blood pressureBlood pressure measurementOnce per year15
HyperlipidaemiaLipid measurementOnce per year15
Renal insufficiencyCreatinine measurementOnce per year5
Cancer screening
(20 points)
Colon/rectumFaecal occult blood test or colonoscopyIf age>50 years: every 2 (test) to 5 (colonoscopy) years7 men and 5 women
SkinDermatologist clinical assessmentOnce if immunosuppressants6 men and 5 women
ProstateDigital rectal examination or prostate-specific antigen dosageIf male gender and age>50 years: once7 men and 0 women
BreastMammographyIf female gender and age 50–75 years: every 2 years0 men and 5 women
CervixCervical smearIf female gender: every 3 years0 men and 5 women
Infection prevention
(20 points)
InfluenzaVaccinationOnce per year10
PneumococcusVaccinationEvery 5 years10
Osteoporosis (10 points)OsteoporosisBone mineral densityOnce in lifetime10
  • The score ranges 0–100, where optimal screening and prevention is a score of 0. Points in the score were given to patients not receiving the measure and points differed for cancer between women and men.

  • CV, cardiovascular.