Table 1

Baseline characteristics of the two study groups, that is, those who met inclusion criteria for randomised controlled trial (incl) and those who did not (excl)

Met inclusion criteriaDid not meet inclusion criteria
Total, n74152
Age (years)49±1350±13
Female, n (%)45 (61%)80 (53%)
Disease duration at start (years) (n=246)7.3±7.07.8±8.7
Weight (kg) (n=178)92±2089±17
Height (cm) (n=105)174±9173±8
BMI (n=105)30±630±5
TNFα inhibitor type, n (%)
 Infliximab23 (31%)95 (63%)
 Etanercept28 (38%)23 (15%)
 Golimumab11 (15%)17 (11%)
 Adalimumab9 (12%)6 (4%)
  • Data are shown as mean values±SD unless otherwise specified.

  • BMI, body mass index.