Table 5

Simple variable linear regression with Larsen score at baseline, at 24 months and radiological progression as dependent variables, respectively, adjusted for sex and age

Antibody number/againstLarsen score at BaselineLarsen score at 24 monthsRadiological progression
ß-value95% CIp-valueß-value95% CIp-valueß-value95% CIp-value
No. positive ACPA0.120.04, 0.210.006*0.220.09, 0.350.001*0.110.02, 0.190.015
No. positive ACPA including anti-CCP2 positivity0.120.04, 0.200.0050.210.09, 0.330.001*0.100.02, 0.180.014
αEno5-21 (CEP-1)1.210.05, 2.360.0412.620.95, 4.300.002*1.190.09, 2.290.034
F4-CIT-Rns2.280.05, 4.110.0141.380.19, 2.570.023
Fibβ36–52ns1.950.23, 3.670.0271.160.03, 0.050.043
Fibβ62–78 (72)ns2.870.42, 5.330.022ns
Fibβ62–78 (74)ns2.190.34, 4.040.021ns
Fil307-324 (CCP1)1.550.43, 2.670.0072.314.00, 6.190.0081.190.08, 2.290.036
Vim2-172.551.18, 3.920.001*4.362.40, 6.320.001*2.100.82, 3.390.001*
Bla-26ns1.960.23, 3.680.026ns
Pept-1ns2.050.13, 3.960.037ns
Pept-51.180.02, 2.340.0461.630.06, 3.320.059ns
PeptZ1ns2.100.45, 3.750.013ns
RFns3.051.05, 5.050.003*2.010.70, 3.320.003*
Conventional DMARDs, monthsnsns
Biological DMARDs, months0.580.30, 0.87<0.001*ns
Corticosteroids, monthsnsns
  • Presented with significant results for number of positive ACPA with and without including anti-CCP2 antibodies, separate ACPA reactivities and treatment.

  • α-Enolase peptide 5-21 (CEP-1), collagen type II (F4-CIT-R), fibrinogen (Fib) β36-52, Fibβ62-78 (72), Fibβ62-78 (74), filaggrin (Fil307-324), vimentin (Vim) 2-17 and mutated proteins (Bla-26, Pept-1, Pept-5 and PeptZ1), RF, conventional DMARDS: methotrexate, sulfasalazine, cochloroquine, myocrisine, azathioprine, ciclosporin and leflunomide. Biological DMARDs: adalimumab, etanercept and infliximab.

  • *Indicates p value remaining significant after correction for number of tests performed.

  • ACPA, anticitrullinated peptide/protein antibody; DMARDs, disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs ; ns, non-significant; RF, rheumatoid factor.