Table 6

Ability to detect change in prospective LOS

Author (year)Study descriptionSample sizeTreatmentTime pointPercentage of patients achieving MDA
Rahman et al (2017)33Biological treatment registry to examine MDA rate over time233Infliximab, golimumab, ustekinumabBaseline11.7
Week 2643.5*
Week 5244.8*
P value<0.001
Perrotta et al (2016)36Prospective longitudinal study to examine MDA status with the indices of disease activity and to identify predictors for MDA75Adalimumab, etanercept, golimumabBaseline0
4 months22.6
8 months56.0
12 months61.3†
  • *P<0.001.

  • †Article reports the percentage of patients achieving MDA status at 12 months was significantly different from baseline but does not report p value.

  • LOS, longitudinal observational studies; MDA, minimal disease activity.