Table 1

Clinical characteristics of patients with pSS and healthy controls from whom samples were used for correlation analyses

pSS*Controls*P valuepSS†Controls†P value
Individuals, n25161620
Women, n (%)25 (100)16 (100)16 (100)16 (80)
Age (mean±SD)51.9±11.747.3±8.40.17‡58.8±12.157.8±12.10.87‡
Autoantibody frequency, n (%)
 Anti-SSA antibodies25 (100)n.a.16 (100)n.a.
 Anti-SSB antibodies20 (80)n.a.7 (54.2)n.a.
Treatment, frequency, n (%)
 Methotrexate0 (0)n.a.2 (8.3)n.a.
 Hydroxychloroquine8 (32)n.a.5 (20.8)n.a.
 Low-dose prednisone2 (8)n.a.1 (4.2)n.a.
  • *Analysed by qPCR, Nanostring and proximity extension assay. Serum was available for 21 patients with pSS and 14 controls.

  • †Analysed by RNAseq and for DNA methylation in B cells.

  • ‡Student’s unpaired t-test.

  • n.a., not applicable; pSS, primary Sjögren’s syndrome; qPCR, quantitative PCR; RNAseq, RNA sequencing; SSA, Sjögren’s syndrome antigen A; SSB, Sjögren's syndrome antigen B.