Table 2

Comparing study features of anti-TNF trials in pSpA

CRESPA trial13 55ABILITY-2 trial33Paramarta et al3554
Inclusion criteriaASAS classification criteria + rheumatologist diagnosisASAS classification criteria + no prior psoriasis, PsA or ASESSG or Amor criteria + no AS or PsA
Multicenter studyNoYesNo
Anti-TNF-blocking agentGolimumabAdalimumabAdalimumab
Number of included patients6016540
Symptom duration (mean ± SD years)5.2 weeks ±2.8 vs 4.4 weeks ±2.06.6 years ±6.3 vs 7.7 years ±7.97.9 years ±9.3 vs 6.7 years ±6.2
Primary end point
% patients in clinical remission at w24
% patient PSpARC40 response at w12
PGA of disease activity
Absence of arthritis, dactylitis and enthesitis at w24
75% vs 20% (p<0.001)
57.5% vs 20% (p=0.0069)
−50.0 vs −20.0 (p=0.0015)
PSpARC40 response criteria at w12
39% vs 20% (p=0.006)
−27.5 vs −16.4 (p=0.003)
PGA of disease activity
−31.0 vs −5.9 (p=0.001)
Withdrawal strategy
Relapse rate after discontinuation
  • AS, ankylosing spondylitis; ASAS, Assessment of Spondyloarthritis International Society; ESSG criteria, European Spondylitis Study Group criteria; PSpARC40 response criteria, peripheral spondyloarthritis 40% response criteria.