Table 2

Patient characteristics (obtained at first trimester of pregnancy) associated with parenting difficulty at 12 weeks postpartum (n=123): multivariate logistic regression model for low parenting disability

Low parenting disability (0–4 domains of the Parenting Disability Index affected)
OR (95% CI)
OR (95% CI)
Age, years1.00 (0.90–1.12)0.96
DAS28CRP <3.2 in the first trimester of pregnancy4.77 (2.09–10.86)<0.0014.79 (1.77–12.91)0.002
Low HAQ score (≤0.625) in the first trimester of pregnancy10.80 (3.82–30.52)<0.0019.17 (3.04–27.69)<0.001
Disease duration, years0.89 (0.81–0.97)0.0090.87 (0.79–0.95)0.003
Already having children ≥10.58 (0.26–1.26)0.16
Socioeconomic status (years of education)0.97 (0.85–1.12)0.71
Presence of erosive disease0.43 (0.20–0.95)0.037
  • DAS28CRP, Disease Activity Score 28-joint count C reactive protein; HAQ, Health Assessment Questionnaire.