Table 3

Correlations of changes from baseline in dactylitis and enthesitis scores with changes from baseline in other measures of disease activity at week 24 for patients in the guselkumab group

Correlations with change in enthesitis score at week 24*Correlations with change in dactylitis score at week 24†
r valueP valuer valueP value
Swollen joint count (0–66)<0.0001
Tender joint count (0–68)0.370.0010.380.004
Patient’s assessment of pain (VAS, 0–100 mm)
Patient’s global assessment of disease activity (VAS, 0–100 mm)0.320.0050.200.14
Physician’s global assessment of disease activity (VAS, 0–100 mm)0.47<0.00010.100.47
HAQ-DI score (0–3)
CRP, mg/dL0.110.330.130.34
SF-36 PCS−0.270.02−0.220.09
SF-36 MCS−0.350.002−0.210.12
  • *n=75.

  • †n=57.

  • CRP, C reactive protein; HAQ-DI, Health Assessment Questionnaire-Disability Index; PASI, Psoriasis area And Severity Index; SF-36 MCS/PCS, 36-item Short-form Health Survey Mental/Physical Component Summary; VAS, visual analog scale.