Table 3

Sex stratified, multivariate Cox regression analysis with HR for incident OA of the CMC-1 joint in relation to BMI as a continuous variable and for overweight and obese participants with normal weight participants as reference

Model I*Model II†
HR (95% CI)P valueHR (95% CI)P value
BMI continuous‡1.12 (1.09–1.15)<0.0011.12 (1.09–1.15)<0.001
Normal weight Reference Reference
Overweight1.52 (1.25–1.85)<0.0011.55 (1.27–1.90)<0.001
Obesity3.41 (2.58–4.49)<0.0013.57 (2.68–4.77)<0.001
BMI continuous‡1.05 (1.03–1.08)<0.0011.06 (1.03–1.08)<0.001
Normal weight Reference Reference
Overweight1.23 (0.97–1.57)=0.0901.27 (0.98–1.63)=0.052
Obesity1.88 (1.38–2.57)<0.0011.98 (1.44–2.73)<0.001
  • *Adjusted for age at study entry.

  • †Adjusted for age at study entry, hypertension, prevalent diabetes, manual work and smoking.

  • ‡HR expressed as per one unit increase of BMI.

  • BMI, body mass index; CMC-1, first carpometacarpal joint; OA; osteoarthritis.