Table 1

Cost matrix, usable for economic evaluations

Direct costs
Cost of care
Outpatient costs- Visits to physicians (specialists and other)
- Outpatient surgery
- Emergency room visits
- Non-physician service utilisation (physiotherapist, occupational therapist, social worker, psychologist, etc)
- Medication
- Diagnostic or therapeutic procedures and tests
- Devices and aids
Inpatient costs- Acute hospital facilities (without surgery)
- Acute hospital facilities (surgery)
- Non-acute hospital facilities (rehabilitation, nursing homes)
Other disease-related costs (direct)- Transportation
- Home healthcare services
- Home remodelling
- Medical equipment (non-prescription)
- Non-medical practitioner, alternative therapy
- Patient time
Indirect costs
Productivity loss
- Loss of productivity in employed patients (sick leave, work disability)
- Opportunity costs (loss of productivity due to time spent by nursing family members, disabilities leading to impaired housekeeping or activities of daily life)
- Low wages
  • Adapted from Merkesdal et al. 2