Table 5

Comorbidities of naïve (n=227) and biological agents failure (n=381) in patients with PsA

ComorbiditiesGroup AGroup BP value
Metabolic syndrome14 (6.2%)61 (16.1%)0.03
Hypertension74 (32.6%)164 (43.1%)0.04
Ischaemic heart disease10 (4.4%)36 (9.5%)0.04
Dyslipidaemia45 (19.8%)117 (30.7%)0.03
Hyperuricaemia33 (14.5%)69 (18.1%)ns
Type II diabetes13 (5.7%)46 (12.1%)0.02
Gastritis, gastric ulcer or dyspeptic disorders24 (10.6%)52 (13.6%)ns
Liver disease (eg, steatosis)16 (7.1%)53 (13.9%)0.05
Pneumopathies11 (4.8%)30 (7.9%)ns
Thyroid disorder25 (11.1%)53 (13.9%)ns
Osteoporosis15 (6.6%)36 (9.5%)ns
Kidney failure3 (1.3%)10 (2.6%)ns
Depression16 (7.1%)56 (14.7%)0.05
Fibromyalgia29 (12.8%)73 (19.2%)ns
Neurological disorders (such as neuropathy)8 (3.5%)28 (7.4%)ns
Positive Mantoux RB skin test or Quantiferon TB Gold test12 (5.3%)28 (7.4%)ns
Previous hepatitis B14 (6.2%)36 (9.5%)ns
Previous hepatitis C3 (1.3%)11 (2.9%)ns
Previous eradicated cancer7 (3.1%)24 (6.3%)0.05
  • P≤0.05. Values were computed by means of a χ2 test (for proportion).

  • Group A=naïve to TNF inhibitors; group B=TNF inhibitors and IL-12/23 inhibitors failure.

  • Data are expressed as frequency (absolute number and percentage).

  • The italics character was used to mark the p value.

  • IL, interleukin; ns, not statistically significant; PsA, psoriatic arthritis; TNF, tumour necrosis factor.