Table 3

Changes in lifestyle, daily activities and employment during COVID-19 lockdown (N=1800, unless otherwise specified)

Lifestyle factorsN (%)
Continue to exercise at home during lockdown (n=1128)
 Yes444 (39.4)
 No514 (45.6)
 No, but compensates with another exercise170 (15.1)
Smoking habit during lockdown
 Yes373 (20.7)
 No1427 (79.3)
Changes in smoking habit during lockdown (n=556)
 I've started smoking18 (3.2)
 More than before137 (24.6)
 Same as before187 (33.6)
 Less than before57 (10.3)
 I’ve quit smoking157 (28.2)
Changes in drinking habit during lockdown (n=1085)
 More than before197 (18.2)
 The same amount as before404 (37.2)
 Less than before136 (12.5)
 I’m not drinking348 (32.1)
Weight change during lockdown
 I am gaining weight736 (40.9)
 I'm maintaining my weight876 (48.7)
 I'm losing weight188 (10.4)
Employment changes during COVID-19 pandemic
 How has your way of working been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic? (n=901)
 I'm still working in my regular workplace and workhours (as before COVID-19)132 (14.7)
 I still come in person, with changes to time or place of work119 (13.2)
 I am teleworking (working from home)359 (39.8)
 Temporary sick leave caused by COVID-19118 (13.1)
 I've been fired because of COVID-1933 (3.7)
 I've had to close my business28 (3.1)
 I have been furloughed112 (12.4)
Contact with outside during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown
Have you been out in any natural environment (eg, forest and parks)? (n=1429)
 Yes563 (39.4)
 No866 (60.6)
How often did you go outside for a walk? (n=1800)
 Every day490 (27.2)
 5 days a week91 (5.1)
 Between 2 and 4 days a week272 (15.1)
 One day a week or less492 (27.3)
 Never455 (25.3)
How are you managing to purchase your groceries? (n=591)
 I am going to the supermarket as usual209 (35.4)
 Someone else in my household is going to the supermarket200 (33.8)
 Someone from outside my household is bringing my groceries to me39 (6.6)
 I am ordering my groceries online or by phone143 (24.2)