Table 4

Patient safety measures

Type of interventionRLCNLCTotal
DAS28 alert4766113
HADS-D alerts573491
RADAI alerts9699195
Initiation of biologicals151833
Additional visit (8 weeks)173148
  • DAS28 alerts: total number of times patients increased in DAS28>0.6 compared to the previous visit. Alerts: number of times of increased HADS-D or RADAI score above the defined levels. Initiation of biologicals: number of patients who started receiving biological treatment during the 12-month study period. Additional visit: number of patients who made use of the optional visit.

  • DAS28, Disease Activity Score in 28 Joints; HADS-D, Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale—Depression; NLC, nurse-led care; RADAI, Rheumatoid Arthritis Disease Activity Index; RLC, rheumatologist-led care.