Table 1

Weighted pooled prevalence of LA, ACL, anti-ß2 GPI and any APL in patients hospitalised with COVID-19

AntibodiesPooled prevalence of aPL (95% CI) (%)I2 test
≥aPL46.8 (36.1 to 57.8)41.9%, p=0.29
LA50.7 (34.8 to 66.5)44.8%, p=0.11
aCL (IgM or IgG)13.9 (7.5 to 24.1)23.6%, p=0.12
anti-ß2 GPI (IgM or IgG)6.7 (3.5 to 12.5)0.0%, p=0.21
Double positive aPL14.3 (4.0 to 40.3)40%, p=0.32
Triple positive aPL6.1 (2.8 to 12.7)10.3%, p=0.25
  • I2 statistic describes the percentage of heterogeneity among the studies.

  • aCL, anticardiolipin; anti-ß2 GPI, anti-ß2 glycoprotein; aPL, anticardiolipin antibodies; LA, lupus anticoagulant.