Table 1

Characteristics of quality appraisal using the CASP quality tool for qualitative research

Was there a clear statement of aims of the research?Is a qualitative methodology appropriate?Was the research design appropriate to address the aims of the research?Was the recruitment strategy appropriate to the aims of the research?Were the data collected in a way that addressed the research issue?Has the relationship between the researcher and participants been adequately considered?Have ethical issues been taken into consideration?Were the data analysis sufficiently rigorous?Is there a clear statement of findings?How valuable is the research?
Baxter et al28xxxxxxxx
Bearne et al27xxxxxxxx
Brodin et al14xxxxxxxxxx
Crowley and Kennedy29xxxxxxx
Eurenius et al37xxxxxxxxx
Kamwendo et al15xxxxxxx
Lange et al30xxxxxxxxxx
Larkin et al16xxxxxxxxx
Law et al31xxxxxxxxxx
Loeppenthin et al34xxxxxxxxx
Nichols et al32xxxxxxxxxx
Swärdh et al17xxxxxxxxxx
Swärdh et al33xxxxxxxxxx
Thomas et al35xxxxxxxx
Withall et al36xxxxxxxxx
  • x, present in study, -, absent from the study.

  • CASP, critical appraisal skills programme.