Table 3

Main efficacy outcomes for hip osteoarthritis

StudyComparisonFollow-upOutcomesEffect estimateComments
Hyaluronic acid
Leite et al40HA vs PBO, PRP, MPA1–12 monthsPainNo between-group difference vs PRP (VAS)
3 monthsNo between-group difference vs PBO (VAS)
1–12 monthsO-O RespNo between-group difference vs MPA
3 monthsNo between-group difference vs PBO
Liao et al37HA vs PBO or IAGC2 weeksPainSMD= –0.18 (–0.47 to 0.10), no between-group differenceData on pain was obtained as per a previously described hierarchy.55
Analyses use IAGC and PBO as comparators.
4 weeksSMD= –0.14 (–0.46 to 0.18), no between-group difference
2–6 monthsSMD= –0.14 (–0.46 to 0.18), no between-group difference
2 weeksFunctionSMD=−0.14 (−0.52 to 0.24), no between-group difference
4 weeksSMD=−0.16 (−0.34 to 0.03), no between-group difference
2–6 monthsSMD=−0.28 (−0.60 to 0.05), no between-group difference
McCabe et al38IAGC vs PBO1–3 monthsPainSMD=−1.90 (−4.07 to 0.26), no between-group differenceComparisons vs PBO
2 monthsO-O RespOR=7.8 (2.7–22.8), favouring IAGC
Function3 RCTs—favoured IAGC (ADL, WOMAC function)
1 RCT—no between-group difference
ROM1 RCT—favoured IAGC
1 RCT—no between-group difference
Platelet-rich plasma
Medina-Porqueres et al41PRP vs HA1 monthPainMD=−0.58 (−1.82 to 0.65) (VAS), no differenceAll comparisons vs HA
6 monthsMD=0.20 (−1.36 to 1.77) (VAS), no difference
12 monthsMD=−0.42 (−1.80 to 0.96) (VAS), no difference
2–12 monthsFunction3 RCTs—no between-group difference (HHS)
1 RCT—favoured HA (WOMAC)
1 RCT—no between-group difference (WOMAC)
Stiffness1 RCT—favoured HA (WOMAC)
1 RCT—no between-group difference (WOMAC)
Ye et al
PRP vs HA2 monthsPainWMD=−0.38 (−0.61 to −0.14), favouring PRP (vs HA)All comparisons vs HA
6 monthsWMD=−0.14 (−0.40 to 0.12), no between-group difference
12 monthsWMD=−0.0 (−0.34 to 0.12), no between-group difference
2 monthsFunctionWMD=2.07 (−2.66 to 6.79) (HHS), no difference
6 monthsWMD=2.78 (−6.64 to 12.20) (HHS), no difference
12 monthsWMD=0.71 (−6.33 to 7.75) (HHS), no difference
6 monthsWMD=−2.84 (−6.25 to 0.57) (WOMAC), no difference
12 monthsWMD=−3.13 (−6.62 to 0.36) (WOMAC), no difference
Ali et al36PRP vs HA2–12 monthsPain1 RCT—favoured PRP (VAS)All comparisons vs HA
2 RCTs—no between-group difference (VAS)
Function1 RCT—no between-group difference (HHS)
1 RCT—favoured PRP (WOMAC)
1 RCT—no between-group difference (WOMAC)
  • All effect sizes are presented as the point estimate (95% CI) unless otherwise stated.

  • ADL, activities of daily life; HA, hyaluronic acid; HHS, Harris Hip Score; IAGC, intra-articular glucocorticoids; MD, mean difference; MPA, methylprednisolone acetate; O-O Resp, OMERACT-OARSI Responder Index; PBO, placebo; PRP, platelet-rich plasma; RCT, randomised-controlled trials; SMD, standardised mean difference; VAS, Visual Analogue Scale; WMD, weighted mean difference; WOMAC, Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Osteoarthritis Index.